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The IE Trade Wins Review Journal - is all about our new Entrepreneurial Education University PhD R&D Foundation Ad Ministry - with new & future Headquarters now located in Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, and Murrieta!
Building Ourselves a Better Residential Community
murrietabusinessguide.com Online Business Directory

Help us find Successful Business Owners

Wanting Our Help to Build Their Business And Create New Community Jobs

Shop Local, Spend Local, Support Our Community & Local Business Owners!

Local spending will increase local real estate values, jobs available, and employee benefits!

In 2019, resolve to SHOP LOCALLY and help BUSINESS LEADERS Build OUR Community!


We Offer Low Cost Space Age Job Training, Business Client Rewards & Employment 'Health-Vacation-Retirement' Benefit Programs


This publication is dedicatedition to helping successful business owners offering the types of products or services virtually any other business owner and their employees would need and want - such as the following:
Restaurant Food and Meeting Event Services
Auto Repair and Body Shop Services
Printing and Sign Making Services
Accounting and Legal Services
Pest and Disease Control Services
Landscaping and Tree Trim Services
Computer, Marketing, and Sales Services
Plumbing,  Electrical, and Contractor Services
Dentist, Dermatologist, and Veterinarian Services 
Our editor has a PhD in Business Trade Sales Ethics Philosophy and has been a successful business owner since 1953, offering ALL of the services mentioned above through his own personally owned buninesses or those of his business associates.  He is personally offering his own cars, vehicles, REAL estate and business owner product/services through this new online community business guide - "Virtually 100% FREE" - if you are willing to trade your own human wasted time and talent, empty real estate, rental space, or unused and stored STUFF - such as no longer enjoyed purchases, little or never used birthday gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, etc, - unused stored bikes, cycles, boats, cars, trucks, etc - YOUR TRASH - for 'cash value' trade credit in our associated local, state, national, and international marketing, sales, and accounting trade credit union.
We are also interested in helping the unemployed or underemployed, single parents, single seniors, the disabled, and veterans - start or expand a business of their own with our virtually free trade credit union account to market and sell their own products and/or services locally and worldwide.  They, and you, may be able to trade for almost anything needed to start and/or expand any business adventure - for as much as 80% to 90% less than you may have to pay in cash for elsewhere. 

This Trade Wins Review Journal will feature research and development news about the same employment, health, protection, vacation, and retirement benefit products and services that we have available to our successful business owner supporters - as well as local news, real estate listings, restaurants, weather, visitor's guide, calendar, reviews, and our local business owner directory for your shopping convenience, discounts, and much more. Whether you live here or are just visiting, we are glad you stopped by!  We want to SHARE with you the reasons why our Inland Empire location - within a one hour drive from Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs, and every beach city between San Diego and Los Angeles - is one of the best places in the world to visit and live.  

We strive to be our Inland Empire community's number one source for online entrepreneurial business trade education information. No more thumbing through the phone book only to find out dated information. Find out what's happening to build up our community and who's getting the job done right now! Search our site for local information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is our pleasure to be of service to you and your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers in our surrounding neighborhood communities.

The Trade Wins Review Journal offers local businesses affordable advertising that will work day and night, every day. Our ads do not end up in a recycling bin after the morning coffee. REGISTER TODAY for more one on one information as to exactly HOW you can make purchases virtually FREE by trading trash instead of cash!

Be sure to take a moment NOW to register a FREE user account in order to participate in our site and to place your ads in any of our pages. Buying or selling a home? We can offer bulk packages for Realtors or individuals seeking to sell their home by themselves. We can also show moving home owners and realtors how to trade trash and/or empty rental space for the highest possible cash value return to both the owners and their realtors.  

Our Trade Wins Review Journal is new and will be changing and growing often. We also hope to use this site to HELP our Inland Empire Business Owners provide increased employee family health, protection, vacation, and retirement benefits - plus new job opportunities for the disabled, poor, homeless, veterans, single parents, and single seniors left home alone by loving friends and family members. Take time to get familiar with us and visit daily for the latest updates.


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murrietabusinessguide.com was designed to help you find everything you need or want in our community. Don't forget to take advantage of our many free areas for visitors just like you! Classifieds, Pet Adoption, Events Calendar, Contests and much, much more.

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