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Drive carefully: Tracy Morgan's $2 million... Caught on camera cruising through Manhattan.

Convicted serial killer Samuel Little may be... A convicted serial killer who has confessed to 90 murders in the span of 35 years and was known for sketching portraits of his victims may be linked to a death of a woman in Arkansas, according to officials.

Bolton touts NATO allies' $100B military... National Security Adviser John Bolton said Tuesday that an increase in defense spending from NATO allies, after pressure from President Trump, marked a significant victory for the United States and made the alliance stronger.

Human-sized jellyfish lurking off English coast... Two divers off the coast of England had the experience of a lifetime when they came across — and swam alongside — a human-sized barrel jellyfish, scientifically known as a Rhizostoma Pulmo.

Indiana police officer who fatally shot black... A white Indiana police officer who fatally shot a black man, sparking protests and roiling the presidential campaign of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, has resigned, the local police union announced Monday.

Popular sushi 'crunch' is blamed for multiple... This tasty ingredient might be the most dangerous part of making sushi.

Natural gas explosion at California home kills... A gas company worker was killed and more than a dozen people were hurt after a natural gas explosion leveled a home in Southern California on Monday, according to officials. 

Joseph D'Souza: Why religious liberty is the... This week, hundreds of foreign officials, human rights activists and NGO leaders will gather in Washington to discuss what many of us believe is the most pressing issue in the world today: religious liberty.

DoorDash fires delivery driver who allegedly... A man in Pennsylvania claims the barbecue bandit took two of the six ribs he ordered from a local restaurant.

200-pound Florida python named 'Ginormica'... A 200-pound reticulated python at a Florida zoo already stretches over 20 feet long – but the massive reptile is still slithering toward world-record size, according to a zoo official.

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